Historica Promise

Our mission is to offer our clients the space and lifestyle they deserve. Our client experience is what makes us different, and we do that through The Historica Promise. 

We commit ourselves every day to the Historica Promise - ensuring our clients enjoy the kind of experience they will tell their friends about.  These are our commitments:    


We promise to offer the safest living experience in Saint John.  

Our buildings are secure with specialty key fobs and locks that allow access for tenants only. Many buildings are also equipped with video surveillance systems to monitor common areas and the exterior of our properties. This gives our tenants the peace of mind they deserve. We also offer a 24-hour on-call service for emergencies.


We promise to offer the highest level of service to our clients and will do everything in our power to make their stay as comfortable as possible. 

Historica offers a quality of service like no other. Having our own maintenance and cleaning team provides the highest level of in-house service, always going above and beyond to satisfy our clients’ needs.


We promise to make the most of our clients’ Uptown Lifestyle. And we work endlessly to improve that lifestyle every day. 

As a client of Historica, we aspire to offer you a complete uptown experience. Aside from offering beautiful, well-maintained historic properties in the heart of Canada’s oldest city, Saint John, we actively engage our clients with ways to make the Uptown experience even better.  Historica clients are provided access to the monthly Historica Informer Newsletter, keeping clients up to date with important updates, events, and information.  Not only are our clients living in the middle of everything, but we also do everything we can to make sure they know about it all!